*Unhappy Face Emjoi*

Another week gone, another week of no running. Shin splints continue to defeat me when it comes to getting out and pounding the pavements.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t getting me down. I’m trying to compensate in the gym. Strengthening my legs on the weight machines, almost dying during my first spin class in three years, body pump, bootcamp, x-trainers and the lot.


But it’s not the same.

So now I’m launching an assault on the cause of my misery. I shall suffer no longer. I’ve got an ice pack to wear on my shin, to encourage recovery and stop any potential swelling. I’m munching vitamin tablets that are designed to encourage stronger bones. I’ve bought a 10kg kettlebell so that I can beast myself in the evening at home. I’m booked into a whole host of classes at the gym in the next couple of days… And I’m going to attempt a couple of slow runs on the treadmill, see how that goes.

This can’t go on. There’s not enough time left between now and the Manchester marathon for me to continue being unable to run. So it’s going to have to stop.

If the nicely-nicely approach of doing nothing about it (in some ways) didn’t work – as total rest hasn’t served me well – maybe taking a more active approach to mending it will do.

At this point – anything is worth a try.


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