Running out of fight…

Though this whole experience hasn’t always been easy, especially through a difficult December and then January’s shin splints, I’ve tried to stay positive. I attacked the gym throughout that month, worked on making my legs strong and did all that I could to solve the issues that my shins were creating.

When things got tough at the Manchester marathon, i gritted my teeth, forced a smile to the people offering supportive comments from the side of the road, and visualised the finish line. Staying positive when my knees were burning helped me finish the race at a decent pace, and filled me with renewed confidence for the remainder of the challenge.

There were plenty of positives the few days after Manchester. After easing back into things with a slow and steady 5k on the treadmill, I went out for two runs, both of decent length, and felt good keeping a pace I’ve not run at for a good while. To be honest, at that stage, Belfast marathon (May 2nd) couldn’t come quickly enough. I felt strong and was still riding a high from finishing my first ever marathon just a few days earlier.

Then, out of the blue, following a couple of rest days, I got a small, niggling pain across the front of my foot. Right on the ‘crease’ between leg and foot. It didn’t feel like anything particularly serious, and I presumed I’d just been sat funny.

I was wrong. The next day it felt much worse, and although I tried to go out for a little run, it quickly became clear something was actually properly wrong. Running was absolutely off the cards, and walking was becoming a struggle. The steps I was taking were now marred by a limp. *sigh*

arrows indicate pain

So, a trip to the doctor later and I’m on double strength naproxen for tendonitis in my foot. I’m not to run for at least a week, preferably 10 days, and fuck me it’s a kick in the swingers…

There’s no guarantee that the 10 days will sort the issue, and with Belfast marathon only 13 days away, even if I can run by then, I’ll have done none in two and a half weeks prior to the start line at City Hall.

I don’t know what to do with myself now. I’ve been struck down with the incredible disappointment that I may no longer be able to run the second marathon of the challenge. I’ve built it up for so long and raised so much money that it’s hit me harder than it really should have.

Honestly, feels like I’ve just got the worst luck in the world. Should have forwarded that chain email all those years ago…

Maybe it will all turn out okay. I’ll recover faster than expected and be okay to do the marathon.

Or maybe I won’t. And then the search will commence for a new part three to the challenge, and Derry will have to become part two.

Basically, things aren’t going great. Not great at all. More soon…


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