Eight weeks with Lucy Locket Loves

It’s no big secret that, despite training for three marathons (saying that I’ve been training for them seems like something of a liberty given my incredible lack of physical activity in the last few weeks) I really struggle to do well with nutrition. I can’t resist the occasional chocolate biscuit or Domino’s pizza, and the more I tell myself that “today’s the day” and that I’ll excel from that day forward, the more I seem to sabotage my attempts and eat even more crap.

Honestly. I must be the only person in the world who has gone from occasional runner to doing three marathons in two months and actually got fatter. Note. Not put on weight. I understand the science in adding weight with muscle etc. Mine is fat. Plain and simple.

Even in the two weeks since the Belfast marathon I’ve put on about five pounds – and it was certainly noticeable when I got to go out for my first post-marathon run. I feel heavy, and I’d very much like it to stop.

Even if I ignore the marathon side of it, overlook the general need to want to be a better, thinner, lighter me, and not dwell on how much more stress it puts on my knees, I’m going on holiday in a couple of months, and would really like to feel a little more pride in my body when I’m on the beach. Not have boobs that will cast a shadow on everyone around me and bounce around while I’m running around the place with my little boy.

I don’t have any body dysmorphia issues or anything as serious as that, but I am ashamed that I’ve let myself get back to a state in which I have no pride in my body. A state that embarrasses me (I took my little man swimming the other day and was devastated by the way I looked in the pool), and I’m often convinced that when people see me out running, or walking down the street, then they are laughing at me for being a fat mess.

So, imagine my delight when I saw an appeal for bloggers to take part in an 8-week exercise and nutrition plan, run by Lucy Locket Loves – who was looking for someone to document their experience while taking on the course alongside many others on its launch.


The plan features an exercise guide, with three workouts to do once per week for the first four weeks, and a second set for the second four weeks. After my first session yesterday I was pretty hot and sweaty – and that was the first session, so it’s certainly not going to be a walk in the park. All of the exercises are put together in 30-minute or so sessions, so it’s not too intrusive in the grand scheme of things, and they’ve all been designed to utilise bodyweight, so no equipment is needed, which is ideal for many people who don’t have the use of a gym or weight equipment at home. There are also explanations – with pictures – of each exercise, so there is no need to go searching Youtube to find out how to do something. That’s a great touch – as I’ve found in the past that some exercise plans will presume that you have an extensive knowledge of workouts – especially the names of some exercises – and it can be daunting trying to understand what it all means.

The nutrition plan is also pretty exciting. It breaks everything down – making it all simple enough – and has suggestions for recipes – a lot of which look tremendous. I’m looking forward to trying them. They’re also made with reasonable, everyday items, rather than some diet plans that require a trip to the supermarket that can take a real toll on the wallet.

With guides, meal planner sheets, help and advice and more available at any time on the dedicated Facebook group, and Lucy having an almost constant presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the motivation is really there to make the most of this plan, follow it to the tee and hopefully start to see some results.

I’ve taken all of my measurements, as well as some ‘before’ images – which I won’t force upon anyone until the end.

Lucy has put together an excellent plan, I’m excited to be a part of it and to share my experience along the way. Here’s to a beach body in eight weeks time that doesn’t leave me sobbing into my beer.


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