The final countdown

It’s almost time.

Sunday is nearly here – the final of the three marathon challenge.

Not going to lie – it’s probably going to be a bit of a disaster. I don’t fully know why, but I’ve really let this whole thing collapse down around me. I’ve only actually been for one run since the Belfast marathon – but hey ho.

I’ve allowed myself to pile on a load of weight too. It’s shocking really. Somehow I’ve managed to put on about 9lbs in four weeks. Which is pretty good going in anyone’s books. Turns out if you eat like you’re marathon training, but don’t actually do the training part – and throw in a lot of booze and junk food – it’s not super great for you.

Anyway. Ive done the distance before, and I think it’ll be okay. I’m just determined to enjoy the day, have a laugh, take some photos and relax. I’ve honestly no problem if it takes me five hours, I’ll just be happy to get to the finish line, see my family and be able to look back with pride at what I’ve achieved.

While Manchester marathon had me panicking like mad that is never be able to complete such a daunting distance, and Belfast marathon had me terrified that my injury would stop me from getting anywhere near the start line – never mind the finish – this time I’m injury free, if super fat and unfit.

I plan to make sure I wave at my little man every time I see him, high-five kids on the course, take my time and pictures around the course and, as I approach the finish line, grab my son out of the crowd and run the last few yards with him either by my side or on my shoulders – and let him get my medal after. If nothing else it will provide me with a decent picture at the end, which I haven’t managed so far.

The only other couple of problems are that my hay fever has gone into absolute overdrive in the past couple of days – which means sore eyes, a streaming nose and a nasty cough – and that it’s going to be a really, really nice day in Derry on Sunday.

See training through the winter doesn’t really prepare you for running in nice weather, nor does doing all of your training runs before the milkman wakes up. The organisers have sorted out six sprinkler areas on the course – and water certainly won’t be in short supply. Take note Belfast marathon – this is how it’s done.

But hey, it’s only running – and it’s only 26.2 miles, eh? 

Two down, one to go. My bag is packed, new playlist primed and ready to go. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster this whole challenge, but it’s been worth every step – and when I cross the line on Sunday, I can be proud that I’ve gone from a non-runner to doing three marathons – raising over £800 for the wonderful Clic Sargent along the way.


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